1974 AMF Alcort Puffer Owners Manual?

Does an owners manual exist for the 1974 AMF Alcort Puffer? If so, where can I obtain one.



I have an Alcort Puffer but no manual. What didi you need to know?

Did you ever find an owner’s manual for your Puffer? I need one, too. I have no idea how to rig the sail, what parts are needed that didn’t come with the old Puffer I bought, etc. I’d appreciate any assistance as I am completely in the dark.

The best way to learn about rigging these boats may be to look up photos of them. It may take weeding through a bunch, but they are bound to show what you need to know. You should be able to make sure the photo matches your boat, and then just set things up the way they look in the picture. The picture on the site here at Sailboatdata would be a start. These guys: OfficialAMFPufferGroup@groups.io might also be helpful.

Just but an Alcort Puffer and if you have pictures of the rudder will like to see them will be having a channel on YouTube for those of you looking for an answer.