33 Morgan Out Island

These two photos of the 1976 Morgan Out Island 33 both appear to be different than the saildata’s photos. The color stripe that exists on all Out Islands is part of the design and isn’t on the saildata photo. The salon is also different. My OI 33 has a L-shaped settee, so I am not sure if this photo I’ve attached needs to be added or needs to replace the previous photo.

Hello thethomaswastaken, After taking a closer look, the drawings we had for the Out Island 33 were taken from the preliminary plans drawn in 1972.
We have what we believe is an original brochure showing an interior layout similar to what you have sent so we replaced the drawing.
The photo we have is from the cover of same brochure and, in our opinion, shows the boat best so we kept that image. If you have a nice exterior shot of your OI33 and would like to send it to us, we would love to see it and would consider using your photo as a replacement.
Thanks for reaching out and the photos. We appreciate it very much.

Thank you for making the update. I’ve been constantly confused by the mismatch between sailboatdata and the Morgans I’ve seen in the world. The versions/pictures up now are very good.

Bruce, would you be able to send me the plans and brochures for the Morgan Out Island 33 you mentioned? Email or text is fine if you have access those through the site. Or I can post it here.

There are many sources that claim production of the Morgan Out Island 33 began in 1973 but my manual says mid-1971, so I would like to have more info pushing that date verifiably backwards towards 1971.

Yes, I have your email and will send you what I have shortly.