'74 Coronado 35 sloop info

Hi, I’m looking at a buying a '74 Coronado sloop and wanted to get any info I could before taking the plunge. It has a Yanmar diesel w/ approx 500hrs on it, but more importantly I’m concerned about the hull and it’s sailing characteristics. Any info appreciated, thanks!

What length is your Coronado? I have a 1974 23-2 designed by Alan Payne. this company was started by Frank Butler and he later sold and started Catalina. mine is well designed and built. the Yanmar was probably added later, I think in 74 all they were using was Atomic 4. Mine is a shoal draft and great for shallow water, but does sacrifice some upwind ability for the shallow draft.

It’s a 35 ft and I think it is also the shoal keel. How easy is it to singlehand?

it is doable… I’m not sure where your winches are mounted, but if you have a furler on the foresail and the winches are reachable from the helm, it should be fantastic! Practice makes perfect especially when docking in a cross wind. If you have an Inboard motor, be mindful of your prop walk and use it to your advantage. Mark