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I have a Champion 21 Fiberglass sloop built in the early
'60s. I heard that someone had one in Arizona. Any one out there heard of or have one of these. Thick fiberglass, cast Iron keel, really a bulletproof boat

I have an Endeavour 24. It was given to me as a floating wreck. In the bilge water was a Lister LP1 as well as a shaft, a propellor, and the controls for a variable pitch propeller. The yacht itself cleaned up quite well. I thought the Lister diesel and transmission must have been original equipment; was I right. Anyway I had all those bits restored. I can’t get the engine to run with much power, I don’t know why. Has anyone got any comments or ideas?

Lots of reasons for lack of power. Cylinder rings may be shot, or timing arms/cogs/wheels/cams/ whatever may be worn, resulting in things not firing in exact sequence. Find a friendly mechanic to have a look.

Shroud tension.
My first post,…
I have a 73’ Pearson 30 and looking to see if there is a set tension lbs to set to. I was told to do by feel, sail, then tighten as needed. Not bad but wondered if there was a detailed tune it could be set to forget.