Alcohol or Propane?

As my Santana 27 is more of a “Coastal Cruiser” I would not probably be offshore for two nights …My original alcohol stove was a pain when single-handing without auto pilot or “Tiller-Tamer”…Propane would be so much more user-friendly…I know there’re safety considerations but so many boats have gone to propane …There must be safety improvements…Any thoughts? (I did have to spend 4 nights sailing from LA to Oregon… A hard slog)

I would just get a cockpit camp stove for cooking underway there are some nice butane or propane single burners and the propane safety issues are not as major in the cockpit

Yes! I just watched a YouTube video by Sam Holmes…He had a gimballed single burner propane which worked wonderfully as he solo’d from LA to Hawaii in a Ranger 23…A fun watch!