Aldebaran sailboat

I want to place a boat on the list that is not there. What can I do?
Aldebaran 8.15

A sailboat that is build in Friesland the Netherlands during the period 1968-1978. Is there a form to do so?

Hello Ray, Please send any documentation you have on the Aldebaran 8.15 to Then, depending on what you send, we would be happy to add the boat to our database. So you know, we prefer not to use information from For Sale ads as they can vary from ad to ad and often have information which is not accurate.

Hi Bruce,

I am happy to do so. First I need to make some rigging measurements, figures I do not know, and that you need. I cant make the math calculations, maybe you can. I am owner, and will update as soon as I finished the measurements. And an image.

Ok, I did the measuring data of the Aldebaran 8.15 and emailed it to the contact address. Hope it fits.
cheers, ray

Hi Ray, Sorry but we did not receive your email. Please check that you sent your email to Thanks,

Hi, I used that mail. It came back with server issues. I re-mailed it to the adres you used . It starts with johnf
cheers, ray

So please,
Let me know if it’s there, if not I can place it here -on the forum- if you like.

Sorry, we still did not receive your email.

Aldebaran 8.15
Hull Type:
Clinker built (lapstrake) FULL GLASS handlay up
Long Keel / S-bilge Masthead Sloop
26.74 ft / 8.15m
23.78 ft / 7.25m
8.36 ft / 2.55 m
S.A. (reported):
73.26 ft/ 22.33 m2
Draft (max):
3.77 ft / 1.15 m
4,629 lb / 2100 kg
2204 lb / 1000 kg
Last Built:


Jachtwerf Starreveld Lemmer Friesland (NL)
Hans Starreveld
FG hand layup
First Built:

Sailboat Calculations
Comfort Ratio:
Capsize Screening Formula: S#:
Rig and Sail Particulars
I: 26.67 ft / 8.13 m :
wide: 7.90 ft / 2.41m

P: 24.21 ft/ 7.38 m

E: 11.15 ft/ 3.40 m
S.A. Fore:
32.12 ft / 9.79 m2
S.A. Main:
41.14 ft / 12.54 m2
S.A. Total (100% Fore + Main Triangles)
73.26 ft/ 22.33 m2
S.A./Disp. (calc.):

Est. Forestay Len.:
27.72 ft/ 8.45 m

This clinker built sailboat in hand lay up FG is build as a finished boat and later also sold as a basic construction, so other builders and owners could finish her off. A principle with a blink to the Swedisch Folkboat, (she is build in the same period), in Friesland the Netherlands.
engine : diesel engine 10 hp Arona AD 185 and others SW: 117 (lower numbers are faster)

It is not so good, used, old, coffee… stains, but maybe it can help!

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So here it is… the failure report. Your mail is not working properly.
All best, ray


Wide should be J: 7.90 ft / 2.41 mtr
first build 1969
last build 1978

Thanks for posting this. Not sure why the email did not work. I’ve tested it and everything seems fine. No matter, I have your information now.
Again, thank you!