Bluejacket 23 MS owners and info request

Looking to get in touch with any owners of this rare sailboat. All and anything related to upgrades, pictures, owners etc. Etc. Recently acquired one in Massachusetts and would like to improve availability and make it worthy of long distance cruising single handed. Currently no furling, any suggestions for inexpensive upgrades greatly appreciated also rails storage and refrig upgrades. Any suggestions, pics and owners for discussion welcome.

I am super interested in these boats as well captain, I am trying to get one home now. Any idea on value? I believe they are rare so I cannot find any that have sold. I saw one for $8,000 recently in the water that needs “some work”. What is your opinion? If I picked it up I would be sure to share any upgrades that our on this boat.

I love mine but it doesn’t have roller furling jib. I would suggest that if sailing single handed.
Not fast by any means but very comfortable.
last 3 I saw sold 2 for 20kUS and one 38500 CA
The Higher priced one had all the bells and whistles in mint cond. Tried to contact seller but never responded. would be glad to know how you make out .