Bluejacket. 23 MS owners Worldwide

Would like to form discussion group of Collingwood Bluejacket 23 MS owners Worldwide. I own one of these rare sailboats an would like any pics , discussions, travel adventures etc .Know less than 10 made by Hallman and Collingwood in Toronto. Mine is Hull 5 of what appears to have 10 or less made.
Dennis Gildea
Thank you to help get owners of these rare boats learn from one another and share their exploits.

Hello Dennis, One suggestion… you might want to create a topic specific to your boat. That way, if someone searches the Bluejacket 23 MS on Sailboatdata, they will see a link to your post. To create a topic, go to the bottom of the Bluejacket page ( and click on New Topic. Just a thought.

Sounds like a good idea will do that