Columbia 43 information

I bought a 1971 Columbia 43 Mk I about six years ago. Her name is Oceanus and before it was in Newport, Ore., (where we bought it) it was in Marina Del Rey. I’d be interested in any stories about this boat or her sister ships.

I recently wrote a sailboat review for Good Old Boat magazine featuring Adios, a 1970 Columbia 43 mark I in Portland, Ore. It was published in the May/June 2018 issue.

This is a great boat! It’s fast and seaworthy. We sailed her more than 10,000 miles from Oregon to Mexico then to Hawaii and Olympia, Wash.

If you love your boat too, share your stories. I’d love to have a web site devoted to this great design like the Columbia 50 owners have. Any volunteers to help?

I have a Columbia 10.7 so a slightly smaller model than yours. I am slowly fixing it up and getting her ready for cruising. We do some short distance cruising now on Lake Michigan, but I’m interested in spending extended time on her in the coming years. Stay tuned.