Design speed specs for GibSea 312

Hi. We need to the design speed for out Gib Sea 312 for insurance purposes. Any one know where we can get this information please? Much appreciated.

Actually… Just found it! Hull speed is 6.75 knots!!!

Reading this post, the discrepancy between the two hull speeds mentioned bothered us so we decided to dig a little deeper. We found a number of references indicating a LWL for the Gib’Sea 312 of 25.58 ft (7.8 m), not the 25.16 we had listed.

Based on what we found, we believe the 7.8m LWL to be the correct length and have updated the database. Using the updated LWL, the hull speed we come up with is 6.78 knots. Pretty close to the 6.75 joeuk39 found.

Apologies for the error and any confusion it may have caused.