Desperately need William Garden Porpoise Sails dimensions

Does anyone have information about sail dimension for a 40’ William Garden Porpoise ketch?

The online pics are poor and I can’t read the dimension, and can’t find this anywhere?

Any help is greatly aprpeciated.

Steve in Port Angeles

A sailmaker might have a database or book of sail dimensions they could refer to. Check with one of them.

William Garden’s book “Yacht Designs” © 1998 by Tiller Publishing has several pages on the Porpoise. These include drawings and, while hard to read, sail dimensions.
That said, it is never a good idea to have sails made from dimensions found in a book. For best results, measure your boat’s rig yourself. Or, as psk125 suggests, contact a sailmaker.

Agreed Bruce - just looking for reference material. Still a newbie in a lots of ways.