Draft of all modern class conformant Impala 28s is 1.78m not 1.68m (+ more accurate displacement)


In a recent discussion on FB class group, the above was confirmed.

The class rules were changes a long time ago to allow an 45.45kg additional lead shoe on the keel, which increases the draft to 1.78m as shown in an up to date IRC cert below. This applies to all modern boats which are maintained to class rules.

This may also affect some of your other metrics.
Class rules:
https://www.impala28.co.uk/about-2/class-rules/s here:

β€œ2. A lead shoe weighing 45.45 kg cast from the official class pattern and in accordance with the One-Design plan shall be attached directly to the base of the cast iron keel defined in Rule 4.1.1.
2. The keel weight with one coat of primer shall be 851 kg + or – 14 kg.”

Also a typical displacement of a modern class conformant boat is ~2600kg, as shown by this IRC cert (I would post 2 but forum won’t let me - they are within a few kilos).

It would be great if this can be reflected on sailboat data.

Hello Oliver, thanks for letting us know about the changes to the Impala 28. We have created a new record we’re calling the 28-2 (https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/impala-28-2-thomas) which incorporates the changes to the ballast, displacement and the addition of the inboard option.

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fantastic, good choice. thank you.

You could even use an up to date image to reflect the more modern specs.

there is a plethora of beautiful images on the class site: