Escape Captiva parts

Hello all! I’m looking for info, parts, sails, etc. for this small toy. It was a freebie but came with a rotted sail and no rudder. I have gained info from some websites but parts are hard to find. Thanks

Have you tried this site: It appears they might have some parts.

Sails here:

Also Mountain Road trading Post might have a rudder… but apparently no website. Here’s their Facebook page:

Thanks, Bruce. That helps a lot.

Try Minney’s. for the sails. Their inventory of used sails is huge.

They may also have the rudder, or just find a good fibreglass guy or"jack of all trades" person and have one fabricated. If you can tell me roughly where you are I may be able to recommend someone.

Hey thanks. I am on kalispell montana.

Sorry for the delay. Sorry, I don’t know anyone near there.

Thanks anyway. It’s all been handled.