Etap 26 1982 (replacement of cockpit seating)

Hi I need to replace a couple of small sections of wood in the cockpit seating on an
Etap 26 1982 model. Do you know the type of wood used?
If anyone can shine some light would be much appreciated

Probably teak. If you have trouble finding it, Ipé seems to be a workable replacement; more readily available and somewhat less expensive.

Hi thanks for the feedback, it seems teak was more widely used at that time (Is lpe a substitute plastic type material ?) As I would be replacing only a couple of small areas the original material would be the better match. A

Ipé (Eepay) is a South American hardwood. It is used extensively for exterior decks on houses. If you only need a little, and it’s gray, it’s probably teak and you should be able to find some.
Paul K.

Hi not sure if I have replied, but your reply sounds like its teak as it is grey ish. So thanks