Feathering Prop

Does anyone know what make feathering props will fit a Baba 40?

There are probably many. Shaft diameter, engine horsepower and boat displacement will affect the size and pitch of the propeller, which may impact which manufacturer best suits the boat.

Bob Perry has informed me that the size of the aperture is the controlling issue. The shaft is 1 1/4", the hp is 50, and the engine is a Beta 50 built by Kubota. The current prop size is 18" x 2" x 3.

Your 50hp is the max for a Kiwi prop. They are a good feathering 3-blade – much better than 2 in reverse, believe me – and have composite blades that will shatter if you hit something, rather than damage prop/shaft/engine. They even come with a spare.

I would have gotten one myself, but my 70hp dictated a different brand, an Italian-made J-Prop; it is adjustable in the water, while others are not, and one can be done on the fly (can’t remember which).