Hank on vs Furler

I recently purchased a new to me '85 O’Day 26 CB. It has been modified to have a roller furling headsail.But she came with a full complement of good hank on headsails. It is my 5th sailboat. However, i never had roller furling. I am thinking of going back to the hank on headsails. I have had on a C 22, An O’Day 23 MH, a Hunter 30, and a C25 swing keel. I keep hearing how much better the roller is, but i keep seeing the visions of the tattered and ripped apart roller headsails in the aftermath of several Hurricanes I have experienced. Plus doing some heavy weather sailing with a double-reefed main and a storm jib running before a H’cane. I would appreciate any advice or comments to help me decide which way to go this time. Replace the roller with a hank on forstay or learn and keep the roller? thanks jmc

I would keep the Roller, but I would devise a way to secure it in case of extra high winds. it might be plausible to use a line to literally wrap around the mast and sail to keep it contained. If it can’t be pulled out then the wind can’t get to it to shred it up. Just my opinion… Mark

seems like that will work. thanks, jmc