Help identify this 1970s-era 33' sloop - ever heard of Epicorp?

Hi! I’m looking at a boat for sale that I don’t recognize. It is listed here:

The title lists the builder as Epicorp, and a logbook puts the boat in Washington State back in the 1990s. Epicorp does not come up in searches, which is why I am here.

I was hoping someone here might have heard of Epicorp - or might recognize another builder’s work.

I am told it is 33’ long (not sure which kind of length), about 38-39’ mast deck-stepped pretty far forward, 16’ boom, raised coaming around the cockpit (which I did not see a pic of). Elongated fin keel, spade rudder.

Many thanks for any intel!

As a new user here I can only add one pic from the ad, but you can see more in the link above.

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The problem is a spelling error I know it sounds stupid but a major New England builder of boats is not named Epiccorp their name is Epicco and the ones that build that boat. By the way they’re pretty good at building boats