Help identifying sailboat

Hi folks - I’m hoping someone can help me identify the designer/builder of this sailboat. She was built in the early 70s and came with a Volvo Penta MD11C!) . . . she’s 30’, with cutter rigging and a fiberglass hull - let me know if you require more info. And thanks in advance.

The bowsprit made me think “Cape George”. They make one that’s 31’ .
Hard to tell without a view of the rudder setup and spreaders. The Cape George 31 has a transom-hung rudder, two sets of spreaders and only has four portholes in the cabin trunk, so perhaps not.

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I don’t think she’s a Cape George. The rudder hangs off the keel and it has only one spreader. I’m getting the feeling that this is a backyard build by a very, very, very competent builder - mayhaps a full-time boat builder who decided to do a one-off for his own use? I’d like to upload more photos - but, I’m a new user and can’t. Thanks for trying.