Hunter 26.5 Restoration of Courtuna

My three brothers and I this week just purchased a pretty rough de-masted 1987 Hunter 26.5 and I have created this TOPIC to share the restoration process to help other Hunter 26.5 owners and hopefully to gain insight from other owners. Unfortunately was not able to really locate a active Hunter 26.5 owners association, so as a big fan of thought we would share our restoration adventures on this website. i hope you all enjoy our misery !@!#!

First priority is to replace the broken mast with a J/24 mast and update all standing rigging etc.

Dec 2019 Picture of Cockpit


J/24,Mast retrofit

Nice idea Brother. Maybe we’ll get some valuable insight. How about this? WTF was going on here?

Anyone have any idea what the torque specifications are for the keel bolts for the Hunter 26.5?