I have a southcoast 22. Any other SC22 owners out here?

I have acquired a South Coast 22’ swing-keel sailboat. It was given to me for free, and I will have some issues getting it registered and titled, but I wanted to reach out and see if any other South Coast boat owners are still out there. How are your boats doing?

My boat is gutted, and the standing rigging is all completely removed and in a bucket. The running rigging is completely gone, and I have one main sail from a local reputable sailmaker in the Seattle area. There is no rudder, but I am pretty handy and think I can make one. I do have the hardware for it, just not the rudder itself. Mast and boom are in good shape, electrical has been stripped so no lights, etc.

Anyone out there taken on a project of this size for a boat worth so little? Should I carve it up with the sawsall and put it in a dumpster? It did come with a usable trailer, which also needs wiring, and tires are a bit crusty but holding air, but the trailer itself seems to be functional and sound.