Introduction and questions too, first time on the forum and looking forward to positive vibes

Hello everyone, i’m jr new to the forum and presently own a Catalina 30. She came with an atomic 4 but no log on hours other than the windless 3 day sail the previous owner mentioned and then some. The engine starts easily but because he is not mechanically inclined, very little info on state of parts. She’s vintage 1976, easy access to motor, how to get an idea on condition of parts? Where and what should i look at first? i’ve worked on vintage motorcycles and know my way with a manual. Thanks, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Atomic 4’s are both revered and reviled, depending upon whether they run or not. Hour meters had probably not been invented back when they installed it. ;). There are lots of threads, videos and other materials about how to maintain them. Give Google a look-see for stuff that suits your level of expertise and abilities.