Irwin Sailboats Group

For those looking for a little more depth of information regarding Irwin Sailboats please join us on our Facebook group of the same name. Irwin Sailboats.
We are now in excess of 2350 owner/members. I believe you’ll find us a breath of fresh air vs so much of social media.
Just answer the single qualifying question, “what is your interest in Irwin Sailboats?”
Glen Coombe
Irwin 46 Ketch

Hello Glen,

Thanks for letting us know about your Facebook group. We’ve added it to our database and have begun adding a link on all our Irwin boat records.

Thanks Bruce! If you’d like to visit just come on down and answer the qualifying question so that I can admit you. We’re world wide but you might think you’re with a group of Canadians the input is so polite.
Hope to see you there.