Kicker Motors, how to fix the old ones

He there, So I was given an Edel 540 and with it came a Volvo Pent Archimedes 2 stroke,4hp kicker motor and was wondering if anybody else has this kind of motor. I don’t plan on using it on my sailboat but I am on a quest to get her running again and right now I am at a stand still with the points. The point gap tool I have is for cars and is way to big to check the gap on these points since the cam is on the flywheel. So if I take off the flywheel the points are closed so I need something realy gap tool specially designed for this type of motor. Any suggestions besides “you better off just getting rid of the motor”

set the points at .15 to .17 of an inch. this is pretty close to a 30deg dwell and you should be in the ball park. a set of feeler gages should work failrly well. As far as them being run off the flywheel, then their must be a way of setting them with it on, or like you say a weird special tool, but I’m inclined to think that volvo would have a way to access the setting with the flywheel on.