Leisure circumnavigation boat under 38ft outfitted for 50k or less

My favorite layout is with an aft cabin, center cockpit, ketch. I’m 54, healthy traveling hopefully with my girlfriend “non sailer” .
I dont see center cockpits as people’s choices, is this because of the lack of availability, popularity, sailing preferences or am I missing something???
Person Alberg 1966 35’ i had years ago was to narrow for this full time adventure…

Love CC’s myself. Currently in the market for a boat, but because of finances it’ll have to be very cheap - I don’t mind doing some work as long as it’s sound… Would love to find a good CC, but they are a bit rare in my area.

I’m still working on getting my gal invested enough in this project to want to enjoy the adventure with me, but I am working on it.

Good luck on your search!

just get something built strong and check her over good. the Center cockpit gives a good ride. I personally prefer an aft helm with better visibility, but would still like an aft cabin as well… there are a lot of good boats out there for sale, just make sure to get a survey. Some surprises can be nasty…