Marlow Hunter 15

Looking for A daysailer to teach me grand kids ages 9 and 11 to sail on one of the NY Finger Lakes I have an old AMF Force 5(like a laser) which would be a little tricky. The Marlow Hunter 15 looks like a good choice. Any thoughts?
Any idea where I could see one or get a used one?

Ebay and Craigslist are your friends.

Sailboat for grandkids? I just purchased a Compac 16 for taking grandkids out on a Texas lake. My criteria: small (cheap) sailboat, VERY stable and safe, trailerable, maximum seating area/minimum cabin, since sailing with grandkids involves only short sailing trips, not overnighting. It also has an auxillary outboard motor, do as to avoid getting becalmed out on the water.