Missed Ships and Builders

Miss builder bruce and ships, especialy bruce roberts offshore

and especially the beutifull sunbeam 29

saw a minute ago that the C-Yacjt 1040 missed too

Hanse 345 is missed too

Apologies for the delayed response. We now have the Sunbeam 29 and the C-yacht 1040 in our database. We already had the Hanse 345 which you can find here: https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/hanse-345.

Still working on the Bruce Robert’s Offshore 38. We don’t see it mentioned on Bruce Roberts’ site so we’ll have to find it another way (we don’t use specs from For Sale listings as they tend to vary too much).

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know about these boats!

Thank u

BEN_Brochure_OCEANIS_35.1_web.pdf (beneteau.fr)

LOA is wrong because of the Bugsprit

SailboatData.com - OCEANIS 35.1 (BENETEAU) Sailboat

Same by Hanse 348
Hanse 348 | Frischer Wind. Auch unter Deck. (hanseyachtsag.com)
SailboatData.com - HANSE 348 Sailboat

Maybe a problem since many builders use the bugsprit.

Thanks. The problem is in the past LOA often did not include rail overhangs. Today LOA typically includes them and LOD is just the hull.

We update our records when we find the change as we now have with both the Oceanis 35.1 and Hanse 348.

Thanks again for the heads-up.

Thanks fot thanks
Builder Comar missed completly, one of his ships
Mieten Sie ein segelboot Comar comet 11 plus Cala d’Or (Godewind) - SamBoat

Actually, Comar can be found here: https://sailboatdata.com/builder/comar-yachts.