Mystery ring on pulpit

What is this ring on the pulpit? There is one on each side

Not much information to go on but I’ll bite… Maybe they were put there by a previous owner to help secure something, like maybe a spinnaker bag?

Bruce’s suggestion makes sense. We clip our spinnaker bag to our pulpit, but our clips are attached to the bag with tethers that are long enough to wrap around the struts and then clip back on themselves.

Thanks guys. It was similarly suggested by some friends here after thinking about it. Makes sense. I just used bungies in the past, but hey, whatever works right?! Thanks for the input. Sail well.

Bruce’s reply is the most likely. However, since the bag would have to be tied to the ring, it seems a bit redundant, unless the spinnaker bag was equipped with some sort of metal clip to speed installation and removal, in which case I like the idea and am thinking to install just such a ring! :wink:

Thanks. You are correct in this thinking. We’ll just have to see.