New here... have a questions (or three)

Hello! As I’ve mentioned I’m new to the forum … and hoping to find some answers to at least one question I have.

Are there any sites that can ID a boat (make/model) from a picture? (I seriously doubt it … probably not enough interest).

I ask because I have a picture of a boat that I’m interested in, and would like to do some research before approaching the yard/owner/whoever about it.

Anyway, thanks for any answers you might have.

Little demand and too many variables for an app to work well: angle of the shot, distance, focus, details not visible, scale… Most people just post pictures on sites like this one and let other posters provide insight.

Yeah, as a software guy, I figure it’s mainly the lack of demand… Altho it sounds a bit like facial recognition software.

So, I should upload the picture I have then - LOL…

Probably should start a new thread specific to that.

Thanks for the feedback