New Yacht Club forming: Dollar Cruiser YC, LLC

I’m forming a new, cruising boat only yacht club to be know as “The Dollar Boat Yacht Club, LLC”, for all cruising sailors who got their boats for one dollar or less. I will be founding member and President of the Club, having just purchased a 1994 Wiley 24’ Nightengale sloop made by Pacific Yacht Builders. Dues will, of course, be $1 or 1 Euro per month, or one of whatever your local currency is. This Club will be a cruising association only, with no shore facilities, at least for the time being. We will be a sister club with the Berkeley Yacht Club, of which I am a member.

Email Bob.Edwards.101@icloud.combwith a copy of your bill of sale or title showing you got your boat for $1 or less and you are automatically a member. Dues billed every six months, payable in dollars, Euros, or digital currency.