O'Day 17 daysailer

I just obtained a 17 ft O’day daysailer sailboat, came without sails, looking for information /advice on the boat and possible leads on getting used or new sails.

You might have already been there but this is what we have: https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/day-sailer.
You can also try the class association: https://www.daysailer.org

Bacon’s might have used sails for you. Give them a try: https://baconsails.com

thanks for the reply’s, i will look into this, any other info would also be appreciated

no used at bacon’s anyone out there have some used ones they want to part with?

Our club has 2 of those boats. There are plenty around you just have to look. Used sails should be readily available. I bought a used jib from https://mastheadsailinggear.com/used-sails/ for my Columbia. They have a large inventory.