O'Day Daysailer 2 vs. AMF Flying Fish vs O'Day Widgeon

Hi all!

I am looking at getting a bigger sailboat. Right now I have the O’Day 7/11. I have the option of a O’Day Daysailer 2 or a AMF Flying Fish, or a O’Day Widgeon. The Daysailer has been in storage over winter but the owner has used it last summer. The Flying Fish has never been used by the current owner, who bought it used. The O’Day Widgeon needs some new paint, but besides that, seems good.

Does anyone have anything to say about any of these three sailboats? Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

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My choice would be the Daysailer.

Hi @lynnogden

Thanks for your opinion!

I actually just picked up the Widgeon already :grinning: . I figured it is better for my situation. It also has the original spinnaker!

The Widgeon would be my second choice.

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