Oldie, but new to me

Hey there forum. So I was gifted a free Edel 540 sailboat and I am lucky to have her. But right now I have a giant paperweight if I can’t a damn mast! So, I am new to sailing and was wanting to know if anybody could point me in the right direction to finding one.

You are starting to find out why a free boat is the most expensive one. Seldèn could probably provide you a new mast, but it would likely cost quite a bit. Do you have the sails? Looking for used spars online may unearth something, or it may not. The quickest solution might be to find a rigger nearby who could perhaps re-rig an existing mast to fit your sails. He may know that a Catalina 22 or some other mast could be cut down to the right size for you, for example. Paying for his knowledge might be well worthwhile.

Freakin awesome! It does come with the sails and the boom.

what I don’t know is what size the original mast was.

This should help:

Since the mast is stepped on the cabin top and the plan shown on Sailboatdata.com is to scale, the rigger should be able to figure things out. You could also look for an owner’s group online. Since the boat was built in Canada as well as France, there must be some others around too.

ya, I have been on that site and I didn’t know alot of the lingo so I don’t know what the mast length was.

The length you need is the I measurement, since the mast is stepped on the cabin top. 6071mm. The rigger will need to figure out what might work for you. Maybe a Lightining mast. Maybe he has a boom from a bigger boat lying around that would fit the bill. Do the sails have slugs, slides, or just a luff rope? Each detail makes a difference. That’s why you need to find a rigger.

I don’t know what the sails have. I haven’t taken them out yet and had a good look at them. I am new to sailing. I have always wanted to learn and you ,my friend have been a big help and I thank you.

Hello, Franklin. I was sailing Edel 540 some time ago. Good boat for a beginner. According to my (unreliable) records, mast height was 7.5 meters with the fractional rig of 7/8. Roughly, the forestay was tied to the mast 1 meter below the top. The rig had simple round aluminum spreaders (slightly bent afterward), and there were two pairs of shrouds, one pair from the top of the mast through the spreader ends, and the second pair from the middle of the mast, right below the spreaders. I can not recall the diameter of the mast, but it was an aluminum, oval profile, possibly somewhere around 25 cm. There also was a backstay, going from the top of the mast to the transom. I was using a 10 mm rope for it with the pulley system for adjustments. As for as the mast was deck-stepped, the rig always had some freedom, i.e. never was too tense.
Hopefully, this info will help you. Also, I can try to reach locally for a person who is still sailing this boat in case you would require more precise info.

Hey there zonis,thanks very much for the info. You have been alot of help. Do you no longer have the boat?

No, I do not own this boat anymore.