Omega-14 rigging

Hi, everyone. I am a newby to actually sailing, though I have read every book by the Pardeys and others over forty years or so. Finally, in our retirement, we have bought an Omega-14 by Capri and are getting it ready to launch. Others have messed with it and made a mess of it, but we are getting it back into proper condition. We’ve had to replace all the rigging except the mast and boom themselves, and we have come to the question of the jib rigging. On the mast (besides the shroud tangs) are two tangs, one above the other, one for the forestay and one for the jib pulley block. The question is this: Which is which? Is the upper tang for the forestay or for the jib block? I can think of some reasons to decide one way or the other, but I thought I would ask what others think. Thanks for your help.

Hi skipper. As a general rule, jibs hoist under forestays, spinnakers hoist above them.

Thanks, Bruce. That’s pretty much what I figured, but I appreciate having it confirmed.