Please help identify this sailboat Make Model Designer

Greetings all you collective boat lovers out there.
Bit of a mystery here. I’ve scoured resources on the Interwebz for any details on the details of the sailboat in the attached pictures.
At first glance the cove stripe Bow is just like the stern arrow with a dot, not a dash… indicates possibly Irwin? Keel looks a little like a Pearson. Might even be an Alberg of sorts. Name is plain to see, the town is over 200 miles from where the boat sits. I’ve not boarded it, seems abandoned and has sat for at least 20 years where it is now. Something about it is calling to me though. Could be anywhere from 28-32 ft (I tried pacing it out but the jack stand plates might be a better indicator of length)

Guesses, Thoughts, Definitive answers? All welcome. Any information would be appreciated.
Thank you all in advance! Jim

Cape Dory portlights don’t match, so not one of theirs. Morgan 34 looked promising, but the rudder isn’t right. Too much wood for a Pearson, even one that old. The main hatch arrangement is a bit unusual, and the wood ‘eyebrow’ on the cabin trunk sets it apart. US Yachts ? With the cutaway keel and attached rudder has to be a 60’s design.

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I have some other images which might prove helpful… They only let me post one at a time since I’m noobie :slight_smile:

and from the other side:

And of course, her buxom behind…:

I think you may have something there on it being a Morgan… It’s always possible the rudder was modified to the current design from what is pictured here:
The rigging (Mast, boom, and rigging are buried under years of weeds alongside) a bit sad but possibly still serviceable.

To bring things to a close on the pictures. Unless I get the nerve to climb aboard and root around, one of the bow:

Since there were no NY state registration numbers, I looked up Dolores on the USCG Documentation registry. Lots of boats in Dolores CO, owners on Dolores Avenue, owners named Dolores, and boats named Dolores, but none in New Rochelle.
Your photo from aft makes it look like the companionway may be slightly off-center, which is another good clue. It is not likely for an owner to change the rudder from its original shape. The best clue for a builder is likely going to be the covestripe, with the dot and arrow at the bow and dot and feathers at the stern. This link:
makes it look like she might be a Bristol, but the arrow at the bow isn’t the right shape. Irwin is also close, but the ports don’t match any Bristol or Irwin designs shown on the sailboatdata website. She may be imported, but I dld not find any LeComte, VandeStadt, or DeVries-Lentsch designs that matched either.

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Maybe something like this: ? The cove stripe isn’t the standard Cheoy Lee version, but not all their boats have it. The rudder post is also not the same - the top of your boat’s is deeper under water. The cabintop handrail on “your” boat also has nine openings, against eight on the CL 30. The sweep of the keel forefoot looks about right though, and the ports are all the right shapes and the right number so we could be close. Perhaps a different Luders design?

I tried looking more closely at number on the green sticker forward and can’t see anything from weathering. One day I’ll get up the nerve to bring a ladder with me. If I were to climb aboard, what would I be looking for? Aside from wasps’ nests and overprotective rodents? Have to imagine it’s locked or someone would have left the companionway open. I have daydreams of “Mad’ing” (from saillife) the crap out of it. The link to the Luders 30 choy lee you just provided comes in closer than anything else I’ve seen so far! Missing the wood combing though. Could have been replaced in a prior refit… Also, missing that beautiful scroll work on the cove stripe. But, does have the lights in the right place… You may have solved the mystery psk125.

The nice woodwork is hopefully all below. Your photos don’t show the deck. Many Cheoy Lees have teak decks which leak, especially when this old, and ruin the interior. With luck the deck isn’t teak and the joinery only needs new varnish. The engine - maybe a diesel, if it’s a later one - may also be difficult to get running. Don’t worry too much about wasp’s nests when it’s so cold.

ding ding ding Winner!!! Luders 36. The mast and boom are aluminum from what I kicked around in the weeds. If I peek over the gunwalls and see teak, I’ll just climb back down and slink quietly back into my car… Would be a deal breaker to have to rip all the decking off, replacing the core and then deciding to fix up the insides. There are several other sailboats on the same lot, along with two power boats. All in worse shape than this one. You’d never think that a boat like this would be 200 miles from the shore, but thar she be. Thank you for your work on this. I’d buy you a drink if I ever saw you.