Prindle 16 catamran looking where to sell it


ive just joined with the hope i can be guided where to sell a prindle 16 catamran. im not into boats tbh (im terrified of the water lol) so keeping the boat that was left on the field i have isnt any point.

can anyone guide me where to sell it and what i should be asking for for it please?

i has lots of bits with it all bagged up properly so id be shocked if anything is damaged. but i dont know. i dont know how to find out. so what ever its worth would be reflected in the price.

id be really greatful

thank you

It’s going to really depend on the year of your Prindle and what condition it’s in. Price wise.
I would market it on Facebook market place. It’s free and many many people are using and looking for stuff daily.

thank you for your reply.
how would i find out hwhat age it is please?
i have no idea about condition. im trying to clear around where its been stored to have a go at putting the pieces together to get an idea (through rooky eyes) to do a listing reaching 1.7k members. and around 1k asking price depending on condition of sails, rigging, trailer, weather or not the trailer is titled, condition of the gelcoat shiney or oxidized, any cracks or damages to the hulls that price can reach 2k.

The last two digits on the registration located on the transom should be the year if before 1984.

The decoding of HIN numbers changed in 1984, it was still the last three digits but before 1984 it was a two digit year followed by a letter to indicate the manufacture date like 78A would be a a 78 model built in August of 1977.
It should be three digits for 1984 and on but they used a number for the month not a letter.

There is also a Prindle facebook page and they may be very helpful

Rigging a Prindle 16