Replace swing keel with fiberglass 78 Balboa 27'

Have recently picked up said boat less the iron keel!
Thinking of replaceing with plywood and ecapsuleated in glass! Also comp the wieght with added lead in SS square tubes @ bottom of keel bolted to the underside of present keel. Sounds getto! Your thoughts?

Why put lead into SS square tubes? Pictures might help. The boat is supposed to have more than a ton (2400 pounds) of ballast in the stub keel that you seem to say is missing. Attaching that much weight to the bottom of a boat that may have been damaged when the original stub keel was removed could present problems. Whatever you end up doing would need to be engineered carefully. You would not want the new encapsulated keel torquing off the boat and preceding the hull’s trip to the bottom by just a minute or two. Not having the centerboard may make going upwind a problem as well. What happened to the stub keel?

Swing keel houseing,and subkeel.
My plan is still quite fluid but the keel was removed by previous owner because of corosion issues at piviot pin. The piviot pin was embedded in f-glass at the bottom of sub keel. Poor planning for maintanence!
My thought with the tubeing bolted to base of keel was to provide an easier pin point,and only extend the subkeel about 4 inches. The tubeing could be used to suplament the loss of the iron keel wirh lead ingots in the tube. And replace the iron swing keel with plywood and F-glass encapsulation. Keeping the swingkeel.
Past owner passed away,dont know what happened to keel!

I have as my current sailboat a 21 Buccaneer. Simular
Design without swing keel. This boat worked well for my first boat on Lake Coeur d’ Alene ,Idaho.

Thanks for the picture - it makes things much clearer. Part of my confusion is vocabulary. The brochure for this boat says it has a 147 pound centerboard. Your saying the boat was without the iron keel threw me off. If the stub keel is still there with its ballast intact, then the centerboard slot should still be there too. If you want to do away with the centerboard, and not replace it, then the easiest thing to do would be to fill the centerboard slot with lead and cover that over with fiberglass. No need for bolts or screws that might cause leaks. No need for other metal that might lead to corrosion or galvanic issues. No need for added stuff underwater that would slow you down. Upwind performance without a centerboard may suffer, but as the saying goes: “Gentlemen don’t sail to weather.”.

Yes the slot is intact 15"deep,65"long and 1.85"wide.
Getting closer to replacing iron swing keel with steel plate! As I dont want to compromise stability. My First Mate is rather skitish when instability is avoidable! If you know what I mean…

New steel centerboard sounds like the best solution. Better stability when the board is down, from having some weight lower down. Better performance upwind from having a centerboard. Better results if you want to sell the boat from not having an “owner customized” (read “ruined”) version. Probably not too difficult to find & make, or have made. Do try to have forward edge rounded and trailing edge tapered, for better performance.

Thanks ill let u know how it turns out!
Happy New Year