Sailboat calculation

Hello all. I was reading the numbers to a Formosa 51 on Sailboat Data and saw that the Bal/Disp figure is 21.43. I was surprised to see it that low. What does this figure translate to? What I gather is that it is vulnerable to wind but what does that mean as the other numbers say that it is a slow, heavy and safe blue water boat? Thanks

Hi Billy, We took another look at the Formosa 51. We tweaked it a bit but our record now matches a Formosa Boat Building Co brochure. The ballast weight they list seems low but it’s what they report.

Bruce, thank you for the reply.

You wrote in part:
" What does this figure translate to?"
See the below link for useful sailboat ratio information and calculations.

[Sailboat Guide — Discover your dream boat] (


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