Sou'wester 59 Comfort Ratio Max?

It’s amazing to think about the comfort ratio of this boat! It’s in the 50s. When we were shopping Cadence, our Catalina 387, anything over a comfort ratio above 30 was good.

Whats the highest number on the comfort ratio?

Hello Matt, In our database, we have 88 boats with CR’s over 50. Some older boats, late 1800’s, early 1900’s , were really heavy and have CR’s over 70 (only 5 in our database that high).

Hi there, Matt2. I did a little searching and found 33 boats with a Comfort ratio of over 55. The majority were in the 50’s but here are some of them
10-20ft. 5.6kr-1. C/R 258.51
21-30ft. 2 boats. Belfast Lough. C/R 74.54
31-40ft. 6 boats. Belfast Lough. C/R 81.31
41-50ft. 8 boats. Eastwind 44. C/R 118.37
51-60ft. 7 boats. Seawanhaka Schooner. C/R 76.74
61-70ft. 3 boats. Scorpio 72. C/R 69.35
71-131ft. 7 boats. Jongert 20S. C/R 68.88. The Mayflower has been placed in the grip at 100.90!!!
I just went back over my research can not find the first boat so I might have made a mistake there.

thanks for the awesome information.