Storebro Bruks carter 42

Hello there.
I have a Carter 42 built by Storebro Bruks AB (SWE) in 1972 or 1973 (one of three constructed).
I am trying to find any info or history of the vessel.
She was originally called SPRING TINE ; and I was told she was built for team USA for the Canada Cup.
I have been unable to verify this, or infact find any aything about the boat.
Can anybody help ?

Doesn’t look like she made the cut if she was built for Canada’s Cup. That name doesn’t appear in any of the races during the 70’s.’s_Cup
Where do you have her now?

She is in Wales now for refit. Quickstep is not her original name. Info from other source suggest she was called “Tiderace” and was the sister ship of “Aggresive” who challenged for the 1972 Canada’s cup.

That makes more sense, though the information available suggests the first Carter 42 was built in 1977. This article mentions Carter designing Agressive in 1972, but does not discuss any link between her and the five-year later Carter 42. Aggressive did not end up competing in the Canada’s Cup; she was eliminated in the trials.