Swanson 28 data

Hi, I’ve put together performance figures for the Swanson 28’ sloop.

As follows:-


S/A = 38.85 meters sq /396.65 ft sq.
Disp. = 3500kgs/7716 lbs.
Ballast = 1000kgs/2205lbs.
Draft. = 1.37 meters/4.6ft.
LOA. = 8.53 m/28ft.
LWL. = 7.62m/25ft
Beam. = 3.04m/9.61ft


SA/Disp. = 16.25
Bal/Disp. = 28.58
Disp/Lgth = 249
CR. = 23
CSF. =1.95

Can this be added to the data base?



Hello Jarv, We’ve added a record for the Swanson 28. We used the metric specs you reported. Based on the metric numbers, your conversion to imperial are not accurate in each case, effecting the performance ratios you have reported.

Are your specs documented somewhere (ex. builder’s brochure or owners manual)? If so, we’d love to see a copy.

Thanks for reaching out.

Thanks Bruce,

No l’ve nothing from owners manuals, I own a Swanson 28 and have got data from direct measurements and some info from other Swanson owners of the forum I run.

I’ll check my numbers again and will give you updated data…hopefully the numbers come out better, performance wise! :wink: