Van De Stadt - unknown model


could you assist me in identifying Van De Stadt model? Info on hand: built 1972, length of vessel 7.89 m, width of vessel 2.50 m. Tried their official site but can’t identify the model based on the info or images. Hoping someone recognizes it.

Image below:

We only see one Van de Stadt design with an LOA of 7.89m and a beam of 2.5m. That’s the Caranan. Design #121. If this is a Caranan, then the stern and coach roof around the mast have been modified.

Hi Bruce,

thanks for the info. I believe you are right. Guess the different coach design threw me off.

According to the VandeStadt website, the Caranan was a design that they sold the plans for, but it seems like they didn’t build any themselves; they don’t show any picture of a completed boat or a set of the plans. This means that builders (homebuilders, even!) perhaps bought the plans and then made…”improvements”. The keel does not look like anything VandeStadt would have produced. A boat advertised as a Caranan for sale in Holland does not look much like your photos.